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Galveston… before it gets too hot…

On the list for this weekend is taking the kids to Galveston, hoping to time the weather where we have cool evenings, sparkling mornings and just enough sun shine to enjoy the day.

First on the list is a Duck Tour:, Part car, part boat, this tour will teach us about the island and give the kids a unique experience.

Next up (by appointment) is the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Sea Turtle Facility,, "WHAT WILL YOU SEE ON YOUR VISIT?  You will see up to 600 live sea turtles housed in our 30 saltwater tanks.  There is no glass or fence between you and the sea turtles – You can get face-to-face if you wish as long as you don’t touch!"

Our trip wouldn't be complete without a ferry ride:  About 20 minutes to cross the bay and search for dolphins in the waves.  This trip is not to be missed.

Come join us for some FUN!