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Friday Night‭ ‬Movie Series‭ ‬at the YMCA, Celebrating Clifford the Big Red Dog’s‭ ‬50th Birthday‭!

The‭ ‬South‭ ‬Montgomery‭ ‬County‭ ‬YMCA invites YMCA families and friends to‭ ‬join them for their monthly‭ ‬“Friday Night‭ ‬Movie Series Under the Stars‭” ‬on Friday,‭ ‬Sept‭ ‬21,‭ ‬at the‭ ‬Creekside YMCA Outdoor Amphitheater.‭ ‬The fun begins at‭ ‬7pm with‭ ‬s’mores and games.‭ 

The September event celebrates Clifford,‭ ‬The Big Red Dog’s‭ ‬50th Birthday‭! ‬For over‭ ‬50‭ ‬years,‭ ‬Clifford has represented all that is good about our friends,‭ ‬our neighbors,‭ ‬our children and our future.‭ ‬That’s why the Y is proud to be working to bring Clifford’s big ideas and his commitment to literacy to Y locations across the country in celebration of his BIG birthday.‭ 
The featured presentation‭ ‬will be Clifford the Big Red Dog.‭ ‬Kids will receive Clifford birthday stickers and coloring sheets.‭ ‬There will be a limited supply of Clifford Ears for giveaways‭! ‬The movie will start‭ ‬at‭ ‬7:30pm.‭ ‬ Bring your picnic dinner,‭ ‬lawn chairs,‭ ‬and‭ ‬blanket.‭ ‬The event is free to YMCA Members and members are encouraged to bring‭ ‬friends and family‭! ‬Fresh Popcorn and‭ ‬lemonade‭ ‬will be available throughout the movie.‭ ‬If we experience inclement weather conditions,‭ ‬all activities will be moved inside.‭ ‬Creekside YMCA is located at‭ ‬6464‭ ‬Creekside Forest Drive in The Woodlands.
Family events are held once a month providing families an opportunity to spend quality time together in a variety of activities.‭ ‬In a time of increasing family fragmentation,‭ ‬the YMCA is committed to enriching family life:‭ ‬A happier family,‭ ‬a healthier family.‭ ‬ The Y is a fun,‭ ‬social place which makes it‭ ‬comfortable for families to come together,‭ ‬reconnect with each and connect with new friends.‭ 
The YMCA is a charitable not-for-profit organization serving all the communities in‭ ‬South‭ ‬Montgomery‭ ‬County.‭ ‬The‭ ‬South Montgomery County YMCAs are located at‭ ‬6145‭ ‬Shadowbend Place,‭ ‬8100‭ ‬Ashlane Way and‭ ‬6464‭ ‬Creekside Forest Drive‭ ‬ in The Woodlands.‭ ‬The events are free to YMCA Members and members are encouraged to bring their friends and family.‭ ‬For more information please call‭ ‬832-698-1283‭ ‬or visit‭ ‬‭