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Family Friendly Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family with these fun Family Friendly Valentine’s Day ideas by Courtney Price, Guest Contributor
and Event Stylist for Glamour Avenue Parties!


1. Sundae Bar Have a sweet treat after dinner by

offering classic ice cream choices like vanilla and chocolate

along with a variety of toppings for everyone to

make a customized Valentine’s Day treat! Yummy options

include gummy bears, m&m candies, whip cream and fruit!


2. Family Friendly Valentine’s Day Movie

Keep in the holiday spirit with a family friendly Valentine’s

Day Movie like Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, Lady and

the Tramp, The Princess Bride or Ella Enchanted!


3. Valentine’s Day Snacks Whip up a batch of VDay

popcorn by using two bags of popcorn, m&m’s, sprinkles,

and candy melts. Pop your popcorn, lay them out on

wax paper, drizzle melted candy melts onto your popcorn

then add your sprinkles and m&m’s. Place your Popcorn in

the fridge for about 20 minutes to set then serve!


4. Edible Valentine’s Day Bracelet Create festive

bracelets using edible materials like twizzlers, fruit

loops, lifesavers and any other candies with holes. Use

your twizzlers as rope and slide your candies on in any

order, then tie for a holiday bracelet! Tip! If the Twizzlers

are too hard for little fingers, swap it out for pipe cleaner

and wrap around the kids hands and tie together!


5. Mosaic Heart Artwork Keep the kids entertained

with an easy craft that involves ripped paper and glue!

Grab pink, red and white construction paper and ball up

your paper to create weathered and worn paper, unfold,

then rip into a variety of pieces. Draw an over sized heart on

your background paper and apply your ripped pieces, covering

the heart to create a unique Valentine’s day masterpiece!


6. Fancy Dinner at Home Create the ultimate fine

dining experience at home and skip the waiting lists! Instruct

everyone to put on their best party clothes for a nice intimate

dinner at home. Don’t disappoint, break out the fine

china, candles, and mocktail glasses for a special dinner!


Headshot Courtney P

Courtney Price is a Houston area based party stylist for Glamour Avenue Parties a boutique event planning company specializing in mobile spa and beauty themed parties for girls ages 6-14. Courtney’s party styling has been featured on, Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect, Houston Chronicle, KHOU Channel 11, and many online party sites! Price resides in Spring, Texas with her young son, Aidan.