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Double Birthday Party TOMORROW, Everybody Ready???

We'll set out about 9:00 am tomorrow, heading for Bouncing Bears (6526 FM 2920 in Spring).  My daughters' Double Birthday party will be 10:00 – 12:00 and I am so excited.  We chose a double birthday party for many reasons.  The girls have summer birthdays and it's easier to have an early party at the end of the school year (sending out invitations through their classes) than try for a September party once school has resumed.  Also, most of their friends have siblings, either older or younger, so why not include everyone in one big event?

Obsessive Parenting means anything you can predict and prepare for gets taken care of prior to the event, so here's the check list:

Goodie Bags?  Check.  Contents are: a pencil, fruit snacks, candy, and those adorable rubber duckies from Oriental Trading Company I can't resist.  (Superhero Ducks for the boys, Unicorn Ducks for the girls)

Food?  Check. The advice I was given about jumping parties and food is pizza sits hard on their stomachs and often there are left overs.  There's a nice Chick-Fil-A down the street, but I don't want to be worrying during the party about when the food will arrive and making sure the order is correct.  Our plan? Hot dogs in a crock pot.  I'll put them on when we arrive at 10:00 am and by 11:30 they should be perfect (maybe even sooner).  I have a bag of frozen mixed fruit I'll add bananas and black berries too as a healthy side.  Some chips and a couple dozen hotdog buns from Sam's club and I'm all set.

Cake? I was never a fan of sheet cake (don't care for the taste), besides not having room in the fridge for something large enough for  a double birthday party.  We've got three options for our guests: a giant cookie cake, a giant sheet brownie, and two dozen Red Velvet cupcake bites.  That ought to cover every taste preference and none require refrigeration.  Yay!

Thank you cards? With a double party and not opening presents during, the chances of missing a thank you card is high.  I also don't have an address list for every guest since invitations went out through school.  Answer? Pre-printed cards in the same style as the invitation with this message: "Thank you for celebrating with us!  We hope you had a wonderful time! Love, Laura and Cara".   They are sealed with this sticker (I love

Okay folks, we're set.  Check back for results and lessons learned.  Obsessive Parenting is about a never-ending self improvement program!  Here we go!