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Disney at Your Doorstep – Sail with the BEST


How fortunate are we that live so close to Galveston as the dream of all cruise ships has made our fair port its new home!  Disney means quality family entertainment and what more could you hope for as you set sail? 

Why a Disney Cruise?

1) You know the whole family is going to have a great time.  Disney has specialized in quality entertainment for all ages. Broadway quality shows and special performers will keep the whole family engaged.  With excellent child care available until midnight each night, you and your spouse can enjoy a lovely date night each evening. 

2) You know the standards will be top-rate. Disney is synonymous with quality.  Making your experience a dream come true is every Disney employee's purpose.  They take every precaution to make sure the ship is clean and in tip-top shape. 

3) You know the memories will last a life time. For us Texans, a trip to Disney usually means an expensive flight or at least a very long car drive.  We are the luckiest residents in the U.S. having Disney sail from Galveston.  Hop on I-45 and be at the coast in less than two hours from most communities in and around Houston.  We can grant our children's wishes for those Disney dreams and make memories that will last a life time.

And now for your Editor's Review of her tips, tricks and favorites of the Cruise:


1) The shows were absolutely fabulous.  My girls were on the edge of their seats.  Tip – the shows are offered throughout the day, not just in the evening.  This was PERFECT for us.  We could finish our delicious dinner and then head off to either a Date Night show or to get some extra rest before our excursions the next day.

2) The excursions were more than I had ever dreamed of.  Part of one excursion we tried was visiting the Sea Turtle Farm.  Seeing those turtles up close and being able to hold a baby sea turtle was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  Around the ship that evening other cruisers were sharing their experiences as well.  Everything from a horse drawn carriage ride around the island to swimming with the dolphins was being raved about.  I think everyone had a blast that day. 

3) How clean everything was.  I'm a bit of a germaphobe.  Before the children are allowed in the child care area, each child is given a squirt of real soap and told to go wash their hands.  Before the diners are allowed into every dining room, they are given a non-alcoholic hand wipe to use.  I prepared for the trip with boxes of the extra vitamin C and didn't need to take one.  A lovely room assistant came by twice a day to empty trash, straighten beds and clean the bathroom.  I sure do miss having that guy around!


1) A long sleeve swim suit top.  Caribbean sun isn't like Houston sun.  You can burn easily if you are not careful.  Buy one of those spf 50 rated covers and keep your skin undamaged, especially for the children.

2) Look into which sea-sickness remedy you'd like to use should it become necessary.  Disney is such a large and stable boat that we hardly felt any rocking.  But if you're like me (who can't even read in a car without getting queasy), I needed something to take the edge off my wobbliness. 

3) An extra SIM card for your camera.  We took so many pictures that we filled up two of them!  I really appreciated being able to just reach into the pocket with the extra batteries and pop a new card in rather than miss those shots.  Here are some of our favorites:


 Our four year old on the slide on Deck 9 next to the Mickey Mouse pool. 

 Our eight year old in the water with the sea turtles.