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Date Night Idea – Dinner and Mystery Cafe Houston



Date Night Idea – Dinner and Mystery Cafe Houston

Mystery Cafe Houston is a franchise of America’s Original Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, Mystery Cafe, and has entertained and kept audiences guessing with their special version of the Whodunit – wacky characters committing comic mayhem on each other, all involved in a plot with more twists and turns than a Picasso painting since 1995. 

Each Mystery Cafe show is four acts in length, following the traditional structure of the mystery: introduce the zany characters, kill at least one of them, and then figure out who did it. During each of the three breaks between acts, a different course of the meal is served and the characters mingle with the audience, trying to make sense of the mini-puzzles included in the clue packets. Vital information may also be obtained from the characters by employing the bribe money provided, but be careful – some of these people aren’t too trustworthy.

At the end of the evening, each audience member details on their solution sheet who they think Did It and Why… and the person with the most correct answer is named the Super Sleuth of the evening and awarded a prize!

Mystery Cafe currently performs its shows out of the Sheridan Suites Hotel near the Galleria regularly, with  scheduled shows performed every Saturday night at 8:00PM, with seating beginning at 7:30


Mystery Cafe Houston

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