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Date Night – Freud’s Last Session at the Alley Theater

freudFreud, in his last days, requested a visit from an Oxford professor.  The playwright posed a question: What if that professor was the recently religiously converted C.S. Lewis?  What would those two men talk about? 

The conversation and spirited debate that follows will make you want to read every book or article that those two men penned. 

Jay Sullivan plays C.S. Lewis.  Jay radiates passion, confidence and conviction as Lewis and makes the audience see how Lewis could truly have been an intellectual peer to Freud.  In role after role, Jay has an uncanny ability to make the audience fall in love with his character and this role doesn’t disappoint.    

Freud is played by James Black.  While my mind focused in and out of reality that Jay was Jay or Jay was Lewis, I never doubted I was looking at Freud.  James makes a complete transformation and I had that “who would you invite to a dinner party in heaven?” moment.  James Black is the very definition of comedic timing.  His pauses, his intonation, his gestures are as good as his show stopping lines. 

We Houstonians are unbelievably lucky to have these two actors in town.

For couples: This is in the category of “not your typical date” night.  If your conversation had grown stale, it won’t be after seeing this play.  Take your spouse, take your best friend.  Just give you the two of you a good couple of hours after the show to continue the conversation.

What you should know:

Freud’s cries of pain from his oral cancer and mouth prosthetic are tough to take.  You will hide your eyes more than once, but your heart will be on stage with him. 

The play doesn’t preach.  It doesn’t make conclusions.  It is simply quality time, spent in the company of two of the world’s greatest men.

Playing now at The Alley Theater: