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Date Adventure – Kayaking!

With the days getting longer, an after work date on the lake is a real possibility.  We are so fortunate to have a couple of great places to rent kayaks in our area.  Take your date night out on the water for this peaceful, relaxing yet stimulating evening.

Check out:

SouthWest PaddleSports – (Pro of using them: you can keep the kayak longer.  Launch from North Shore park and you're off on your own schedule.)

Store Hours
Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 6pm

  SouthWest PaddleSports
26322 I-45
Spring, TX 77386

Phone: (281) 292-5600

Or try

Riva Row Boat House – (Pro of using them: you launch directly into the canal with their help getting you set.  Ending your evening is as simple as stepping onto the dock.)

Summer Hours: Every day 9am – 7pm, except Wednesday: 9am-6pm.
Non-Summer Hours: Every day from 9am – 6pm, except Tuesday and Wednesday.
Holiday schedule: Closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The last boat out is 45 minutes before sunset

2101 Riva Row
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Phone: 281-210-3965


Q: What was the goal of the evening:
1) A shared athletic experience
2) A shared emotional experience
3) A shared intellectual experience
4) A shared escapism experience (pure silly fun)
A: A shared athletic & escapism experience.  Out on the water in the middle of Lake Woodlands is so peaceful and disconnected from all the stress on shore. 
Q: Did the date feel more:
1) Geared for the woman (i.e. "chick flick")*
2) Geared for the man (i.e. sporting event)*
3) Appealed to both sexes
*(Not that men can't enjoy love stories or women can't enjoy a good game….)
A: Appealed to both. My husband appreciated the outdoor activity after sitting behind a desk all day.  We're looking into going again soon.
As you finished the activity, were you more inclined to:
1) Go right to sleep, you're both exhausted
2) Go to a coffee shop or some place you could talk about the experience
3) Go home and enjoy some cuddle** time
**(or other intimate activities)
A: Take a hot bath!  My body was tired but happy.  You got some good exercise kayaking and I love the feeling after a nice workout. 
Did you find the location was:
1) Close to home, easy to get to and from and not keep the sitter too late
2) A little far from home – make sure to add travel time to the sitter's fee
3) Didn't have to leave the house to enjoy this date
A: Close to home – very easy to get the kayaks and get on the water.  It's an early evening date so we were able to get back to the sitter at a reasonable hour.
Looking back on the evening:
1) This was a definite couple activity.
2) It would have been better to take a friend.
A: A couple activity.  Being on the water, just the two of us, we felt like the only two people on the planet.  It was nice to enjoy that moment of solitude.