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CLICK HERE for your DAILY January goal for 2014

What better to have for our Date Night special this month than the things we do to improve our selves, our relationships and our homes! Here’s the list so far. Check back as the month continues…


DAY 1 – Exercise Goal:
Go for a walk. A simple 30 minute stroll is a great way to begin a new life of better health. Try leaving the head phones at home and just reflecting on all you learned in 2013 and all you hope to accomplish in 2014.

For locations your choices are: around the block in your neighborhood or around the mall if you’d prefer to be indoors. Both are free locations. The Woodlands Mall opens early just for walkers to make laps while window shopping. PARENTING SECRET: do a few laps and then let your kids play in the play area. Two bird / one stone = happy family.

Day 2 into the New Year – Your goal today is socks. Go through yours. Go through your kid’s. Go through your spouse’s.

SECRET tip: If your family is reluctant to sort through their pile, bring the pile to them. Dump it in front of them. Then put a basket for the good socks and a donation box for the bad ones. Holy socks make great rags for polishing furniture.

Simple but so helpful, everyone will have matching socks heading out the door this Spring.

Day 3 Goal – Bedtime for your APPETITE. With our midnight hours, we have midnight meals. Often resulting in heartburn and certainly weight gain, this is not a good idea for our bodies.

Today’s goal is to set (and STICK) with a bedtime for your APPETITE. Then beyond that point, fill a rumbling tummy with a big glass of water and then go to bed.

Day 4 Goal – Adding hand weights to the walk. Hopefully you are still walking as your daily exercise from Jan. 1st. We’re going to add a new challenge to today’s goal. Pick up a couple of those 2 lb dumbbells you have laying around the house. On your walk, try to work your arms as well as your legs.

Every burned calorie counts!

Day 5 Goal – Your priority today is your relationship. For our readers who have resolved to get closer to their loved ones, today you have three goals:

1) Kiss them as you head out the door.
2) Call / text / email them a love note during the day.
3) Kiss them when you get home tonight.

Day 6 Goal – Today you’re going to help your kid reach his/her report card goal for the New Year.

With school back in swing, your goal for the day is to re-do the study area where your kids work. Clear away any junk and wipe the table with a clean cloth.

While you’re at it, how about some fresh pens and sharpened pencils?

Day 7 Goal – It is officially one week into the New Year.

It takes two weeks for an activity to feel like a habit, so congratulations, you are half way there!

Very simple goal for today: FLOSS. Jeff Foxworthy may joke about only flossing once a year, but your goal is every night (or every other depending on what your dentist recommends).

Today’s goal is also to get you thinking about SELF CARE. We do so much for others. We need to take care of our own bodies too!

Day 8 Goal – Back to simplifying your life. Today’s goal is your food storage cabinet. Kids can absolutely help with this one. Play a game: match each bowl with its proper lid. Bowls without lids and lids without bowls get recycled.

Day 9 Goal – Hopefully you’ve been walking this week and added the weights for extra calorie burning. Today you’re going to find out why everyone is talking about a PLANK! This form is a staple of balance and core conditioning exercise. We are linking you to a wiki-how on this one so you get the proper form down:

Day 10 Goal – It’s been 5 days since we challenged you to add morning and evening kisses and a love note to every day with your sweetheart.

Today (tonight) we’re going to make a special dinner together. For just the two of you, pick up some delicious “grown-up” food. Too often we compromise the family dinner, bringing it down to what the pickiest child will eat.

Remember when food had flavor? Your challenge is to pick up, order or buy at the grocery store, something special for just the two of you.

Day 11 Goal – Eat together as a FAMILY

Often our schedules and responsibilities have us going in ten different directions. Your New Year’s Goal for today is to sit down as a family tonight for a meal. You can order a pizza or cook everything from scratch. What you eat isn’t as important as who you eat with.

Here are some of our top favorite recipes:

Day 12 Goal

A dozen days, a dozen reasons to take care of yourself, a dozen reps on a rotating work out:

12 jumping jacks
12 squats
12 sit-ups
12 seconds planking (see previous post for instructions)
12 push-ups

And repeat as many times as you can. Make any modifications you need for your own health.

Day 13 Goal – Today we are going to head to the most treacherous area of your entire life: the family car.

Your goal for today is to get it vacuumed out. You can take it to a local car washing place or do it yourself. If you pick a gas station vacuum, keep your eyes open for safety.

Day 14 Goal – Two weeks into the year, we are going to help the healthy eating goal out today with a concept called portion control. Easiest move is to use the smaller plates in the cabinet. Your mind will see a full plate but your tummy will receive a smaller portion.

Day 15 Goal – It’s time to print those pics. Grandma and Grandpa may not be on Facebook or any of the dozen ways to keep up with each other technologically. Go old school and PRINT pics of the kiddos. Let the kids send a note with the prints.

Day 16 Goal – Learn a new recipe. Chances are, one of the two of you does 90% of the cooking. Are you ready to try something new?

Start here: picture you have sat down at a fancy restaurant. What looks like something you’d like to try? The internet is full of food options for the gluten-free, vegan, no sugar… anything that meets your needs. Try something NEW tonight!

Day 17 Goal – Drop everything and WRITE THANK YOU CARDS. This social skill is dying off and being replaced with texted thank you’s and email’s. Bring it back and teach your kids. Here’s your basic format:

Dear ______________________,

Thank you so much for the ____________. (Then tell how you are using it now.)

__________________(your name)

Day 18 Goal – Get to that Honey-Do project. Turn it into a couple activity and have some fun with it!

Day 19 Goal: back to focusing on your relationship…The goal for tonight is a hot bath.

This can be to honor the relationship you have with yourself with a moment of quiet time with hot bubbles.

This can be a nice reconnect with your sweetheart too. If you’re shy about the bright lights in the bathroom, light a candle instead. Just keep it away from anything flammable and blow it out before you leave the room.

Day 20 Goal – Twenty days in now! Remember when you were twenty years old? That may have been a year ago or a couple of decades ago. Regardless, we are going to relive the “glory days” with dusting off an old hobby.

What did you love to do? Top of the list is bike riding. Dust off the seat and air up the tires. Helmet on, go enjoy a ride!

Day 21 Goal – Three weeks in. Your goal is to fill three bags or boxes with donations. When your house is simpler, less cluttered, and more organized, you will have a simpler, less cluttered, more organized life.

The Hand Me Up Shop of Rayford Road will be happy to accept your gently used items and even give you a tax receipt!

Day 22 Goal – Play a game that your child wants to play

Tea party or blowing up zombies, whatever game your child wants to play is the goal for the night. As they grow from child to adult, it will be our job as parents to learn about their interests in order to stay a part of their world.

Day 23 Goal – Make it so you can fit a car in the garage.

For some of you, this is no big deal. Your garage is already organized and spotless. For others, this may be a herculean challenge that will take through the weekend to accomplish. Stay strong! It will be worth it on cold and rainy days.

Day 24 Goal – Pick up an audio book.

There is time in our busy lives for a story. We may not be able to sit down and read one, but we can listen to one on the go. You can check out your local library or various websites like for a good download. Listen while you go for your daily walk. Just watch for cars as you go.

Day 25 Goal – This is the last weekend in January. February is right around the corner.

Your goal for today is to make plans for Valentine’s day. Your sweetheart may not feel love in the same way you show love.

Discover each other’s love languages so you can truly make the day special. You may get a better response out of washing the laundry than bringing home roses. The link to the test is below.

For our single readers, this is the day to honor yourself.

Day 26 Goal – Get a houseplant and keep it alive all year.

Do you have a green thumb? You may be thinking, “I can’t keep a cactus alive. There’s no way I can do this!”

But you can and it’s worth it. Indoor plants can help with indoor pollution. It is also a great Care Giver chore for your kids too. Let them start with a plant before they progress to caring for a pet.