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Christ Community School – Ground Breaking

Our ground breaking was truly a meaningful and well-attended event!
Pastor Allee opened the ceremony in prayer then School Board President, Jeff Wilson, and School Principal Bernadette Lentini thanked the excited crowd for their commitment to the Vision.  Next, local vocalist Katja Yanko (winner of Culture Shapers – Young Voices of Houston), sang How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace while each student of Christ Community School symbolically dropped small prayer cards into the ground where the foundation of our new building will be.  This symbolized the future of CCS being built on God’s word and our children’s prayers. To conclude the ceremony, Shenandoah Police Chief Chancellor said a prayer for CCS Students and our future growth,
Group Photo from L to R:
Andy Clarke of Diamond Construction
Heather Cabanas, Building Committee, VP Board of Directors
Diane Rice, Building Committee, Member Board of Directors
Jesus Carias, Building Committee, Member Board of Directors
Renay Cohen, Building Committee, Member Board of Directors
Ali Seay, Building Committee, Member Board of Directors
Jeff Wilson, President Board of Directors
Bernadette Lentini, Principal
Shenandoah Police Chief Chancellor

Guest Vocalist: Katja Yanko, Student at College Park H.S.
Katja Yanko