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Candy Alternatives by Gennie Busse

It seems in the month of October, there is no escaping the onslaught of candy for health minded mommas like myself. At every event there are sweets! Did you know that increased sugar intake is a major cause of increased illness during this time of year? If we want to keep our families feeling good we must plan ahead to avoid compromised immune systems. Have a plan for how much of the edible loot you will keep and donate (or trash) the rest. Our children pick one piece for each year of their age. On the flip side, consider not contributing to the problem by handing out candy but rather come up with something more creative. Here are a few suggestions:

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* Yogurt covered raisins
* Sugar free gum
* Trail mix
* Nuts
* Granola bars

Or consider non food items like:

* Small toys
* Tattoos
* Glow in the dark rings and bracelets
* Crazy straws

I do not recommend handing out pencils because I remember wanting to egg that ladies house. At our house we hand out Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks. These look and taste like artificially colored and flavored snacks, but they contain no dyes, additives, or preservatives. Any leftover candy we accumulate, we separate into small plastic bags and give to 45 & Hope to give to our address challenged friends. Most important continue to eat as much fresh raw fruits and veggies as possible and have fun!