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    Priority Emergency Room

Bunny trauma and the heroes at Cole Veterinary Hospital

Seldom do parents make it through parenthood without at least one emergency doctor's visit.  We commiserate with the other parents sitting in that room, feeling their panic, the worries and the sleep-less night ahead of them.  

We know where to take our kids, but what do we do when it's a beloved pet that has the injury?  Where do we take our faithful friends at their hour of need?

I was greeted with such a problem this morning.  Our bunny got into a bunny fight.  She lives at the Madame Newton Einstein Science Academy since my youngest turned out to be allergic to her.  Last night she slipped out of her cage and got too close to a territorial rabbit who didn't like her.  The result: a flap of bloody skin was hanging off her nose.

Our heroes: Dr. Wil Cole, his assistant Chrissi, and student assistant Jexima.

Our sweet bunny has a sterile staple holding the flap down now and an antiseptic wash to keep the area clean.  She should recover fully.  The office was clean and the staff was very friendly.  Dr. Cole was informative, knowledgeable, approachable and direct…everything you could want in a Vet.

We wanted to pass on a glowing review to our readers.  Thank you again Cole Veterinary Hospital!

2757 Rayford Road Ste A
Spring, Texas 77386