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Birthday parties at school concern

Dear Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting,

My son started Kindergarten this year.  So far it’s been okay, until this week.  There are two kids having birthdays in the class and cupcakes will be served on Thursday and Friday this week according to a note he brought home today.  He doesn’t do well with sugar or food coloring.  They upset his stomach greatly and he becomes a wild man.  I don’t want him to feel bad being the only one not getting a cupcake either.  What ideas do you have?


Kesha in Conroe


Dear Kesha,

First, kudos to you for recognizing and putting limits on what foods your son has issue with.  You have saved yourself endless future headaches now that you’re aware of his behavior change on sugar.  Now to some solutions:

1) Bring a treat from home.  See if the teacher will allow you to bring a cupcake from home for your son.  See if you can keep a box of an approved snack hidden there too for unexpected treats in the classroom.

2) Trade the Treat Coupons.  Print a stack of these for the teacher.  If a treat is presented, you son can politely pass and receive a card instead.  Then you decide on the value of it… $1.00?  $5.00?  What would be so worth his while that he’d graciously accept the card instead of the cupcake?


Best of luck as you both brave a new school year.  You are doing the right thing to keep an eye on his diet when he’s out of your sight.


The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting

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