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Beat the Heat at the Library

FREE EVENTS. The Harris County Public Library has branches all over the Houston area. They offer free events for all ages year around, but their calendar becomes particularly full during the summer.

FUN FOR EVERYONE. George attends toddler time and loves singing, chasing bubbles, listening to stories read aloud and interacting with other kids his age. I will be checking the local library weekly to see what fun activities they have planned. Their website makes this easier than ever. From clown visits to puppet shows, George is going to have a fun summer! Older kids will enjoy movie days, board games and craft times. If Mom and Dad can manage to get away for a bit, they will enjoy book clubs, knitting groups and maybe even a class to brush up on their computer skills.
CONVENIENT. Not only are the libraries conveniently located, but make sure to take advantage of the convenience of their rows and rows of books after an event. As a former teacher, I can tell you how hard your kids work during the year to advance reading levels and meet goals. Many of these same students begin the school year a level or two lower than when they wrapped up the previous school year, because they just aren’t reading during the summer. It’s so easy to forget about books during those swimming and barbecuing months, but do your kids a favor and visit the library. If you can help your kids think of the library as a fun place to visit, reading may become more of a thrill and less of a chore.
*Make sure to check the information for each event. Some events require you to arrive early to get free tickets. If you scroll over the event, more information will pop up.
*Pay particular attention to the ages listed for each event. I would hate to take George to a quiet event for older children. I don’t think we’d make it very long. I don’t think a sippy cup or snack is necessary for many of the toddler specified events. They are usually shorter in length.
*A link to the Harris County Public Library Events Calendar is below. The library that the event is held at is labeled under “library” when scrolled over.