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Be mad at the world, not each other


What we cannot control makes us stressed out and this time of year is full of chaos.  

Take a minute to appreciate the person who has vowed to stay with you through good times and bad.  Remember just because you CAN be short with him/her, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.


When your anger, your fear, your frustration is looking for a target, open the lines of communication instead.

1) Start off with telling him/her WHY you are so short-tempered.

“Honey, I’m just low on patience because I’m really frustrated at work right now”  or “The kids haven’t been getting along lately and their bickering is giving me a headache”.  Give your spouse a chance to see things from your perspective.

2) Pull in a relate-able film.

What’s stressing you out?  Try laughing and commiserating with Office Space or Meet the Parents, or whatever flick fits the bill.  In humor we can find an outlet for our pain.

3) Get in a bubble bath.  

When the clothes come off, the shields go down.  Neither of you are dressed in your armor anymore and let’s face it.  It’s pretty hard to be mad at someone when they are covered in bubbles.

4) Enjoy some comedy counseling.

 Mark Gungor – Tale of Two Brains is hilarious.  Look for it on here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

It is okay to be mad.  Just be mad at the world and not each other.

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