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April 1st – Time to update the family vehicle

Happy April to you!

With the mark of a new month, it is time to change out a few items from the family vehicle.  No longer will we need the super warm overcoat and extra mittens for the little ones who leave them behind like breadcrumbs.  Now we need Spring items:

1) Water bottles (in a cooler) – make sure you have these in a location that does not get direct sunlight.  Look for BPA free bottles.

2) Sun block & Bug spray – also, needs to be out of direct sunlight.  Check the labels for warnings about what temperatures the bottles need to stay between.

3) Hats – Finally a use for that baseball cap collection your husband has been saving since the early 90's.  Keep one for every family member available in your vehicle.  The best sun block is no match for simply keeping your face in the shade.  

4) Snacks with salt – When we get over-heated and dehydrated, putting salt back into our bodies is crucial.  Having a snack on hand plus plenty of water will help keep those sun-sick headaches away.

5) Frisbee, sidewalk chalk, a ball to play catch with, a ball to play kickball with, a picnic blanket.

6) A sun shade to put up beneath your wind shield.  That touch alone can make all the difference between getting into a warm or boiling vehicle.

7) Thin oven mitt / wash cloth.  When those metal seat belts start to heat up, little fingers can get burned.  Have something on hand to help them clip the bucket and rest between their skin and the metal if it is exposed.

8  ) Baby wipes.  Instantly cooling, have your child rub the wipe on their face, neck and arms and then move to where the A/C or wind is blowing on them.  They will feel instantly cooler.  Just remember you may need to reapply sunscreen if you intend to stay outdoors after this.

Happy April and Happy Obsessive Parenting!

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