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And the results are in…

The Double Birthday Party was a success!

Opening presents at home was fine.  The guests were so excited about being able to return to the bouncing floor at Bouncin' Bears that they didn't seem to notice we skipped that part.

The food was a success (almost) (hot dogs, chips, and fruit salad).  After an hour in the crock pot, the hot dogs were still barely luke warm.  After an hour of defrosting, the fruit salad was still a little frozen, but despite those issues the kids ate!  One mother commented, "Kids are tired of pizza."  At a birthday party she was at a week prior to this the host had purchased 10 pizzas and the kids barely ate 3 of them.  The mom was excited about the hot dog idea for her next party.

Choice of dessert was a hit!  We had cookie cake, brownies, and red velvet cupcakes all from Sam's Club.  Kids loved the choice and some asked for all three.  Sam's Club cookie cake was delicious!  Best I've had.

Gift bags were a hit, mostly because of quantity.  I had plenty for all our guests and all their siblings.  We all remember that secret hope that even though we aren't the invited party guest, their might, just might, be an extra gift bag for us, and it was fun to be able to make that wish come true.

The location was a big hit!  Boy or girl, younger or older, every kid played to their heart's content.  As we left close to 1:00pm, three families from the party were still there having fun with their kids.  It was very cool that a party at Bouncin' Bears includes all day admission for your guests.  For the parents that had an older or younger sibling and needed to bring them along, they could do so and without worry about stressing the hostess.  

With inviting everyone in my oldest daughter's class, everyone in my youngest daughter's class, everyone the Girl Scout troop, and all of the neighborhood kids (and their siblings), we had 26 total kids at the party.  As a cost-conscious mom, that was perfect.  Had we done just a "class party", that would have been a lot of effort for a small amount of guests.  It was very enjoyable to be able to invite every kid my kids care about and know the party location can hold them all.

Special shout out to our two Bouncin' Bears party hostesses: Shelby and Lauren.  They were great helpers! 

And as always, Happy Obsessive Parenting!

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