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An easier morning

When you start the day scrambling and screaming, your head and heart have a tougher go of it.  A few quick changes can save some unnecessary turmoil in your life.

Try these the night before to have an easier morning:

1) Yes, as all the books say, lay out your clothes.  This goes for the moms as well as the kids.  And here’s one more secret: get yourself dressed first!  Keep a hairbrush in the car and one tube of lipstick / mascara if you wear it.

2) Check the weather tonight.  Grab the appropriate jacket or umbrella and put them by the door.

3) Fill the blender & then stick it in the fridge: frozen strawberries, a peeled banana and orange juice.  Set cups and straws out.  That gesture may seem so trivial, but if you have kids like mine, it’s a 5 minute discussion about which color straw they want.

4) Set out as much as you can for breakfast: put the box of cereal they want next to a bowl and a spoon.  Put the loaf of bread next to the toaster with a plate nearby.  Put the granola or breakfast bar, still in their wrappers, on a plate on the table.  The less decisions, the less chaos.

5) Pack lunch.  Going down this check list, add: protein, fruit, vegetable, calcium, carbs, water.

6) Book bag by the door with a folder check and all forms signed.  Is the form not due til Friday?  Send it in Tuesday so it’s one less thing to worry about.

7) Gas up the car on Sunday.

8) Add your own tip: evaluate what you spend time doing in the morning and see if you can do it the night before.  My husband grinds fresh coffee beans every morning.  The noise is my alarm clock.  🙂  What could you do to save time?