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A Guided Tour of Zoo Lights

This event is sure to become the next Holiday tradition for all of Houston and surrounding areas.  From now through January 5th, the Houston Zoo is transformed in the evenings into with a magical Holiday experience, not to be missed!  Here's a guided tour and information to their website.  Enjoy!  We did!

Zoo Lights – Houston Zoo

The Experience

Zoo Lights has a specified path through the Zoo. It all starts in the front plaza where you’ll see, among other lighting features Holly Berry, the 1958 Cadillac that is the ‘mascot’ of Zoo Lights. Holly presents a light show synchronized with music. The show recycles about every 20 minutes or so.

Bearing to the left as you leave Holly, walk down the Reflection Pool. The lights in the 80 year old live oak trees are synchronized to a music program. The Reflection Pool stage is where choirs perform at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. each Zoo Lights night.

A side note: the pathway behind the Reptile House is open and the outside of the McNair Asian Elephant Habitat is illuminated with area lights for Zoo Lights. Also, Natural Encounters, the Kipp Aquarium, and the Reptile House are all open during Zoo Lights evenings, when there is not a private event going on at those exhibits.

At the end of the Reflection Pool the path takes you through the entry way of Wortham World of Primates and on to Duck Lake and the Cypress Circle Café. Cypress Circle offers a variety of tasty goodies – decorate your own gingerbread man, enjoy hot chocolate and sticky buns.

Walking past Cypress Circle, the path takes you past lions, African painted dogs and ankole cattle to the entrance of The African Forest. The Forest Walk at African Forest has been turned into The Animal Parade – life sized animal sculptures and a yucca forest, all illuminated by colorful projections in addition to tree lighting and the Magical Teepees washed with light and interior animal projections.

Walk through the chimp viewing building and out the other side and you’ll see an enormous light projection of an chimp illuminating one of the exhibit walls and unique ‘light plants’ in the high planters on the habitat’s south wall.

Walk through the tunnel and you’ll see more lights and the rhinos should be out.

In the Twigga Terrace don’t miss the Angel Bench and the Wild Tea Party table – two unique photo opportunities.

The path takes you past the Wildlife Carousel (yes, it’s open for Zoo Lights) and past the giraffe barn (the giraffes are in the barn for Zoo Lights and visible through the barns enormous windows. Look above the barn window for another light projection featuring giraffes.

The path turns to the left for a view of Emry Gweldig’s Wondrous Keep – a collection of wagons full of strange machines dropped off at the Zoo by a mysterious man named Emry Gweldig. The wagons display machines and anecdotes meant to alleviate or reduce the many stresses of the holidays.

Follow the path and your next stop is the flock of Electric Sheep, a homage to Isaac Azimov’s puzzling question, “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” This flock of electric sheep is illuminated by ever-changing algorithm projections – they never look the same way twice.

Down the path you’ll see the Running Rabbit – a little pink rabbit running through an illuminated forest, then the electric peacock and you’re back to the Reflection Pool!