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A Few Good Men at the Alley Theatre

Parents, your first Date Night experience is a little culture in the form of live theater downtown.  We bring you to A Few Good Men at the Alley Theatre….
This is the play that inspired the film you love.  "Aaron Sorkin (Moneyball, The Social Network, The West Wing) returns to the Alley Theatre (The Farnsworth Invention, 2009) with the captivating courtroom drama. A Few Good Men is Sorkin’s first play, which ran for nearly 500 performances on Broadway in 1989, became an Oscar-nominated film in 1992 and was re-conceived for a 2005 London revival. Originally inspired by true events, this taut, tense thriller erupts when two Marines are accused of the hazing death of a fellow Marine at Guantanamo Bay. This hard-hitting, suspenseful story puts the Marine code of honor on trial." 
Here's where you can get tickets
And here are the comment from our Kidnnected reviewer:
"The theater is such a magical experience.  You walk in and take your seat.  The lights dim and the actors come out on stage.  At first you are acutely aware that you are looking at an actor who is pretending to be a different person, in a different place, at a different time.  And then, suddenly, reality is suspended and you are plunged into their world.  You feel everything they feel.  You care about everything they care about.  It is an incredible experience.  I am hooked.
Q: What was the goal of the evening:
1) A shared athletic experience
2) A shared emotional experience
3) A shared intellectual experience
4) A shared escapism experience (pure silly fun)
A: Intellectual and emotional, absolutely.  It kept us at the edge of our seats while we watched the drama unfold.
Q: Did the date feel more:
1) Geared for the woman (i.e. "chick flick")*
2) Geared for the man (i.e. sporting event)*
3) Appealed to both sexes
*(Not that men can't enjoy love stories or women can't enjoy a good game….)
A: Appealed to both.  My husband enjoyed it as much as I did.  I think he's hooked on theater now too.
As you finished the activity, were you more inclined to:
1) Go right to sleep, you're both exhausted
2) Go to a coffee shop or some place you could talk about the experience
3) Go home and enjoy some cuddle** time
**(or other intimate activities)
A: Coffee shop to talk, or rather Birraporetti's for some pizza and dessert.  Love that place and it's right next to the parking garage.
Did you find the location was:
1) Close to home, easy to get to and from and not keep the sitter too late
2) A little far from home – make sure to add travel time to the sitter's fee
3) Didn't have to leave the house to enjoy this date
A: Being downtown, we had the sitter arrive an extra hour early and we didn't make it home till close to midnight.  The kids were all fast asleep so it wasn't an issue. 
Looking back on the evening:
1) This was a definite couple activity.
2) It would have been better to take a friend.
A: Both.  We enjoyed it as a couple and I'm taking my best friend to see it this weekend."