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16 EASY and DELICIOUS Lunch Snacks

  1. Whole wheat crackers, Cheese
  2. Chicken and turkey lunch meats – make wraps with tortilla or use whole wheat bread
  3. Lettuce wraps – shredded chicken, lunch meat wrapped in lettuce
  4. Whole wheat tortillas, peanut butter, apples, carrots wrap ( add granola and toasted wheat germ)
  5. Whole wheat bagels, pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni
  6. Raisins, dried cranberries, and yogurt (add fresh apple slices – use lemon juice to keep apples from turning brown)
  7. Celery, peanut butter, raisins
  8. veggie sticks (carrots n celery) w/ peanut butter
  9. fresh fruit- grapes strawberries, little oranges, etc
  10. dry cereal provides grains and fiber (stay away from high sugar)
  11. pretzels, granola, granola bars (Make your own granola – use honey to sweeten)
  12. Try making your own jello and pudding and buying 4-6 oz containers
  13. Homemade trail mix – buy Chex or store brand cereal mix with pretzels, dried fruit
  14. Ambrosia salad
  15. Strawberry shortcake – make short bread using whole wheat flour, fresh/frozen strawberries
  16. Apple nut bars

peanut butter